Our new farm addition – Kune Kune Pigs

We decided to add Kune Kune pigs to our farm this year.  Kune Kune pigs are a breed that originated in New Zealand but almost became extinct in the 1970s.  They are a smaller breed of pig growing up to 250 pounds. These pigs prefer to graze solely on pasture, when pasture is growing,  and are known for not rooting because of their upturned snouts.  They are very friendly and docile in nature which makes them perfect for a small homestead and around children.  They are considered a meat pig with a sweet tasting pork.

We started with two young sows and plan to add a boar to the herd in the near future. Meet our two new farm members, Helen and Della. They have really been a fun addition to the farm as they really love to hang out with us and love to be scratched.  They also love fruit, but especially bananas.


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